Using Technology to Complete the Natural Learning Path in a Principles of Economics Course

From Continuous to Discrete: An Alternative Approach to Teaching Consumer Choice (Holmgren)
June 21, 2017
Teaching Macroeconomics with the Econland Simulation Game and Learning Platform (Rogmans)
January 16, 2018

Higher education is rapidly changing due to the convergence of two powerful trends: an improvement of our understanding of how students learn and the rise of online teaching technologies. Although there is general agreement that technologies are transforming education, there is less consensus on the optimal way to use these tools. This paper addresses this challenge by proposing a path of learning that focuses on two attributes of the learning process, time (when learning takes place) and space (where learning takes place). We show the application of our analysis by focusing on three critical components within the changing educational landscape: the role of the textbook, the role of the chalk-and-talk lecture, and the role of the physical classroom.

Eric P. Chiang and Jose J. Vazquez