Symposium on Economics Teaching

JET’s Symposium on Economics Teaching is a different kind of conference put on by a different kind of journal.  Through this effort, learning outcomes and teaching innovations take center stage.  Each session is designed with a set of learning outcomes in mind so that you can immediately apply them to your classroom.

Please join us in-person August 5-7 in Omaha, Nebraska!  Abstracts due by June 1.

Here’s what sets JET SET apart:

  • We care about teaching economics at every age, and we welcome great ideas from all economics educators! We are the only conference of its kind to actively foster networking amongst all passionate econ educators, whether they are professors or K-12 teachers.

  • Learning outcomes take center stage. Each session is designed with your students’ learning in mind and you’ll leave with practical information you can apply in your classroom immediately.

  • We teach you to fish! Ok, not really, but we want to give you the tools to publish your great teaching innovations and increase your impact! JET’s awesome editors will lead a results-oriented workshop for those who want to learn what it takes to get their classroom innovations ready for publication in JET. (Note- This workshop is optional and occurs at the end of the conference.)

  • We’ll have fun! Your registration covers admission to an exciting baseball game and other entertainment as we explore the oh-so-underrated Omaha.

Our conference is honestly, not for everyone, but it is perfect for every passionate economics educator out there!  Please reach out to Ben Smith ( with any questions.

Conference Hotel: Courtyard Omaha Aksarben Village for 110 USD per night

Book your hotel at a group rate for JET SET

Students and K-12 instructors receive a 50% discount on registration by entering the promo code “student” or “K12”, respectively.  K-12 instructors can received a certificate of completion for professional development purposes.

Preliminary Schedule

Fri. Aug. 5

4:00PM - Registration Desk Opens
6:00PM - Reception

Sat. Aug. 6

8:00AM - Welcome
8:15AM - Keynote by Scott Wolla from the St. Louis Fed
9:15AM - A Sessions
10:45AM - B Sessions
12:00PM - Lunch - Omaha ambassadors will lead groups based on food preference
2:00PM - C Sessions
4:00PM - D Sessions
5:00PM - Dinner and Travel - Omaha ambassadors will lead groups to dinner then to the game
7:05PM - Omaha Storm Chasers baseball

Sun. Aug. 7

9:00AM - E Sessions
10:30AM - F Sessions
12:00PM - Editor Workshop
Session A1: Making Economics Memorable Through Music and Movies

Featuring Emily Marshall, Dirk Mateer, & Brian O’Roark (Slides)

Session B1: Adaptive Study Using InQuizitve

Featuring Courtney Brandt, Lucy Malakar, & Janise Turso (Slides)

Session B2: Real World Data to Teach Economics
  1. Using GIS and Economics Simulations to Increase Student Engagement by Ian Lyons (Slides)
  2. How to ACE your ADAS by Stefan Ruediger (Slides)
Session C1: Using Imagery and Data to Connect

Featuring Lee Coppock & Emily Marshall (Slides)

Session C2: Engaging Games for the Economics Classroom
  1. Opportunity Cost of a Job by Dawn Renninger (Slides)
  2. The Alchian Maze by Michael Clark (Slides)
Session D1: Activities for Relatability and Connection

Featuring Lucy Malakar & Dirk Mateer (Slides)

Session D2: Teaching Tools for Upper Level Economics Courses

Featuring Lee Coppock, Carter Doyle, Ken Elzinga, & Marc Santugini

Session E1: Activities for Application and Problem Solving

Featuring Lee Coppock, Dirk Mateer, & Brian O’Roark (Slides)

Session E2: Relating Economics to Students’ Lives Outside the Classroom
  1. Context-based Learning: Using Popular Country Music in the Classroom by Mark Melichar (Slides)
  2. Learn It, Share It – a project in personal finance by Florencia Gabriele (Slides)
  3. Segmenting Media for Maximum Impact by Jadrian Wooten (Slides)
Session F1: Online Applications, Problem Solving and Assessment with SmartWork5

Featuring Diana Bajrami (Slides) & Yolunda Nabors (Slides)

Session F2: Engaging Every Learner
  1. The End of the Semester is Too Late! Using technology to improve student performance throughout the semester across the academic unit by Ben O. Smith (Slides)
  2. The Inclusive Economist: Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Through Pop Culture by Wayne Geerling (Slides)