Using Google Drawings to Create Homework Exercises

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January 16, 2018
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May 23, 2018

We show how Google Drive’s Drawings tool can be used to create homework exercises suitable for both online and face-to-face classes. This approach allows students to create graphs actively “from scratch,” similar to the traditional pencil-and-paper approach, with a minimal investment of time and money. This could be a useful active-learning tool for online, blended, and traditional courses.

Oskar Harmon and Robert Szarka


Harmon, O., & Szarka, R. (2018). Using Google Drawings to Create Homework Exercises. Journal of Economics Teaching, 2(2), 68-78. DOI: 10.58311/jeconteach/cb6e720d514867854cefdc6b43a098f676b69bd6