The Most Magical Way to Teach: Disney Music In The Classroom

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The Walt Disney Company, and its subsidiaries, are responsible for some of the most popular movies in existence. One of the things that makes the classic Disney movie unique is its soundtracks. Many of the movies have key songs that can be used to teach various economics concepts in the high school and postsecondary classroom. We provide three detailed lesson plans that outline how to use Disney music to teach foundational concepts, but also include a more extensive table that includes concepts covered in a variety of Disney songs.

Michael Jaeger and Jadrian Wooten


Jaeger, M., & Wooten, J. (2023). The Most Magical Way to Teach: Disney Music In The Classroom. Journal of Economics Teaching, 8(1), 12-23. DOI: 10.58311/jeconteach/76850e32cba6ec6fc40acd2f1d78d74b4ed59f26