Teaching Macroeconomics Through Music

Presentations To The President: A Role-Play Assignment For A Macroeconomics Principles Class (Gundersen & Kaminaga)
March 24, 2021

This paper explores how music can be used to teach macroeconomic concepts, such as economic growth, unemployment, inflation, monetary policy, and fiscal policy. While economists and educators have examined the relationship between economics and music, the focus has largely been on microeconomic concepts rather than macroeconomics. The purpose of this article is to connect economic-themed music directly to course content. This article provides educators with a sample set of relevant lyrics, core macroeconomic concepts, and suggested discussion questions. This paper shows how instructors can use music as a pedagogical tool in lower-level macroeconomics courses.

Amel Ben Abdesslem


Ben Abdesslem, A. (2022). Teaching Macroeconomics Through Music. Journal of Economics Teaching, 7(3), 200-216. DOI: 10.58311/jeconteach/2c1722b8a6cd2a7a41ab6e0f3b0d7d30a75537d9