Explaining “In the Aggregate” Concepts with Clickers

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December 15, 2016
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June 21, 2017

Concepts such as the marginal propensity to consume can lead some students to respond, “But that’s not how I would behave!” Using clickers (or any classroom response system) to illustrate economic concepts can help those students see that even if their individual behavior does not match economic theory, “in the aggregate” the theory holds. This paper offers several clicker questions that can be adapted to small and large classrooms, at any level of instruction to help students see past what they personally would do to the larger lessons about typical economic behavior.

Martha L. Olney


Olney, M. (2016). Explaining “In the Aggregate” Concepts with Clickers. Journal of Economics Teaching, 1(2), 70-90. DOI: 10.58311/jeconteach/9cbfd466be79a0c0c7b56ac447ae73a59827393f