All I Want for Christmas is an A on My Econ Final: A Holiday-Themed Review Class

Introducing Mixed-Strategy Equilibria: Payoffs vs. Probabilities (Eggleston)
August 23, 2022
A Stroll Down the Dollar Street: Teaching Per-Capita GDP Using Internationally Comparable Photographs (Maximova, Muchiri, & Paraschiv)
October 7, 2022

Traditionally, final exams for the fall semester are sandwiched between Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season. Regrettably, the flurry of academic and extracurricular events creates an atmosphere ripe for distracted or reluctant students. The goal of this paper is to help instructors of undergraduate economics classes design a cumulative review class using familiar holiday movies. By harnessing the excitement of the season in a fun but applicable way, instructors can help students focus on finishing the semester strong. The topics suggested for review are basic economics concepts from an introductory level course including opportunity costs, comparative advantage, shortages, elasticity of demand, GDP, unemployment, inflation, production functions, and the banking system.

Amanda Mandzik